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The three plantations are located at a height between 1.050 and 1.700 meters (3.500 and 5.600 feet) above sea level. The most elevated vineyards of the province are located in San Pablo Ranch, and they are some of the most elevated of the entire world. The plantation’s great elevation presents two main advantages: water and temperatures.


Great solar intensity.

Low night temperatures.


Complete ripening of the grapes..

Better balance between sugars and acids.




The plantation’s climate is continental and monsoonal, meaning, dry and sunny practically every day of the year. The annual precipitation levels are low: 204 millimeters (8 inches) on average, mainly during the summer. It usually snows three times per year, during the winter. This weather makes the grapes grow healthy, and avoids the necessity of treatments for humidity and insects’ related diseases.

In the same way, the temperature variation of the region –that reaches 16°C (60°F) - collaborates with the healthiness of the plants. Research proves that a variation over 13°C (55°F), with maximum temperatures lower than 26°C (79°F), can produce more tannins and thicker skin, which, at the same time, generates fruits with more color and aroma.


Dry and sunny with just 200 mm of annual rain.

Great temperature variation: over 16°C (60°F).


Thicker skin.

Homogeneous development of sugars, polyphenols, color, acids and flavors.




Bodega Salentein’s plantations are watered with pure meltwater from the Andes, which comes directly from creeks and aquifers that run below the vineyards. The clarity and purity of the water produce a low PH in the grape, a greater acidity, and wines with more color and aging potential.


Irrigation with pure meltwater from the Andes.

Mineral water.


Low PH (higher acidity, more color, greater aging potential).

Healthy plant growth.





The soils of the three plantations vary, but, in general, they are alluvial, sandy, and are located on a stone bed. These characteristics facilitate permeability and drainage. These factors, through a regulated irrigation, allow Bodegas Salentein to control the vigor of the vine and the quality of the grape.


Alluvial and sandy..


Very good permeability and drainage.

Management of the vigor and the quality of the grapes through trickle irrigation.



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